Cleaning & Maintenance
Features & Specifications


Q: Where is the Battery for the electronic spark ignition located?
A: The battery is located underneath the door on the right stove side. The battery is a standard “AA” alkaline battery.

Q: There is no ignition spark at one of my burners. How can I light the burner?

A: There are (2) additional ways to light any burner.

  • Push straight in (do not turn) any other control knob. (The spark system is cross connected)
  • Any burner can be lit with a match or butane lighter

Cleaning & Maintenance

Q: What maintenance should be done to maintain performance?
A: The burner orifices should be cleaned once a year to remove carbon deposits and grease

Q: How should I clean the Stainless Steel on my Range?
A: Do not use abrasive pads; they will scratch the surface. Use the mildest cleaning procedure that will do an effective job. Always rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry completely. Frequent cleaning will prolong the service life of stainless steel equipment and help maintain the finish. Ordinary deposits of waste and fluids can usually be removed with soap and water. More stubborn deposits or stuck on debris may require harder rubbing or the use of commercial cleaning products acceptable for use on metal surfaces. When using any cleansing agent, the rubbing should be in the direction of the polish lines or "grain" of the metal.

Q: How do I clean the ceramic glass on my electric range / cooktop?
A: All stain or deposit on the cook-top surface must be cleaned off quickly once the cook-top has cooled down, before re-using the cook-top. In the case of sugar deposits, remove all residues before the cook-top cools down (Be careful not to burn yourself!)

Features & Specifications

Q: What is the gas supply fitting used on Force 10 Ranges and Stoves?
A: The standard fitting on all Force 10 units is a 3/8” SAE 45 Male Flare. (A 3/8” male flare has a thread O.D. of 5/8”) The incoming fuel line requires a 3/8 “SAE 45 Female Flare. (A 3/8” female flare has a thread I.D. of 9/16”)

Q: Where is the model and serial number located on my unit?
A: Gimbaled units – Outer right stoves side, bottom front corner.
Built-in units –Inner left stoves side, bottom front corner.

Q: Do Force 10 Ranges have a Broiler (Grill)?
A: Yes, all Force 10 Ranges come with an Infrared Catalytic Broiler on the top of the oven cavity.

Q: What are the BTU ratings of the top burners?
A: The large burner is 8200 BTU (2.4 kW) and the small burner is 3400 BTU (1kW)
Burner outputs can be adjusted by changing orifice size.

Q: Are Force 10 Ranges available in different sizes?
A: Yes, Force 10 offers (12) sizes of Gimbaled Galley Ranges and (5) sizes of Built-in Galley Ranges to fit almost any galley configuration.

Q: What is the gas pressure Force 10 Ranges operate from?
A: The input pressure for LPG/Butane is 30 mbar (0.44 psi)


Q: How does the oven control operate?
A: Force 10 ovens use a mechanical thermostat for better oven performance.

Q: Why is the flame on my burner(s) low?
A: There are (2) possible issues:

  • Dirty orifice – Remove orifice with a 7mm Socket and clean. (Do not use a drill to clean – blow the orifice out with forced air or replace)
  • Low system gas pressure – Check the regulator at the tank.

Q: Why does the burner go out after I release the knob?
A: There are (3) possible issues:

  • The Control knob may be hitting the control panel – Remove the knob and try lighting the burner.
  • The Thermocouple is either dirty, has a poor ground connection or has failed.
  • The solenoid inside the valve has failed.